10 Weeks To PC-Mauritania

If I have learned anything from the PC application process it is surely patience, patience, and more patience. I have ten tentative weeks until staging and I am starting to loose a little bit of my sanity. But patience…still pretty solid. I have my moments, though.
Like when I am diligently (sort-of) brushing up my French skills on the Rosetta Stone program the PC sent my way and I get to the part where I speak chunks of words out loud and the program tells me how good my pronunciation is. And it is good. I kick butt at it. I am not bragging…two years of very recent college French helps. But it turns out that the microphone on my macbook (or maybe microphones in general) doesn’t respond to the letter ‘p’. I don’t know if it is personal vendetta against a particular ‘p’ from its past or if ‘p’s just generally anger it (like the color purple angers me), but I am stuck in the middle of a war. A war on ‘p’. And I don’t know what to do!!! I can pronounce the word ‘policier’. As far as French words go, this one is a peach. But that microphone just wont have it and the ensuing red check-mark on that activity chips away at my sanity.

But patience remains fixed…for now. In the meantime, my first attempt at intimate bonding with my new diva cup failed miserably. Failed with big black capital letters! Ouch!!! And I am spending a lot of time learning Arabic script that I probably will never use in Mauritania, but the super easy French program is dull. So dull that I was overly excited when it started teaching me the number seven. I have also learned recently how difficult it is to find cotton bras. Not impossible, but I am picky and don’t want to be constantly aware of my breasts while learning to eat new foods, speaking a language that I don’t know, dying of heat, and familiarizing myself with squat toilets because of an uncomfortable fitting bra.

Could be that I just don’t have anything to write about yet. Maybe that is the problem with ten weeks out. I am ready for stories. For stress and heat and challenges and…and…something!!! I know it is coming. It just isn’t here yet.


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