2 Weeks Out

Holy hell in a hand basket! If the days go any slower…I need a physics joke here and don’t know any! What are Future Peace Corps Trainees thinking about two weeks out from their big transition? Let us see:

– 16 more hours of Rosetta Stone French. Parlez-vous française? Non?
– A pumpkin scone
– Do I have everything I need? People keep saying to bring a pillow, but I don’t have room and it makes me sad. =( (see, sad face)
– Portland, OR…oh Portland, OR. I will get there before I go. And to catch the plane to Philly doesn’t count.
– Mmm…Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches.
– Sandwiches with pickles.
– And cheddar cheese.
– And…

Sorry, I got distracted by food. It happens all of the time. Sometimes I wonder how I get anything done. Ever. The point is (and others may argue), almost everything is done. There are some little things, but nothing I can’t accomplish quickly. I am procrastinating them just so I still have things to look at on my list. Otherwise it is just “I have nothing to do!” on repeat in my brain. And I can’t have that! OH!!! J’ai mal à la tête!

– Who am I going to miss the most? (I know it is cruel, but it is a thought I ponder on occasion)
– Will my dog still be here or is my dad going to secretly sell him? Shame on you for even thinking it dad! I know you are! You can’t lie to me. (Just kidding)
– Pickles…

Damnit! I am off topic again.

I think that wraps it up…


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