Peace Corps Senegal – 10 Aug 2009

Country: Senegal
Program: Agroforestry
Job Title: Agroforestry Extension Agent
Orientation Dates: 8/10/09 – 8/12/09
Pre-Service Training
(in Thiès, Senegal): 8/13/09 – 10/09/09
Dates of Service: October 2009 – October 2011

My Job Description:

The Peace Corps Senegal agroforestry program works with the Government of Senegal to reverse the deforestation trend by increasing farmers’ capacity to implement selected agroforestry techniques at the farm, compound and garden levels. As an agroforestry volunteer, I will act as a facilitator by means of conversation, field visits, slide shows, etc., to expose selected farmers to the benefits of agroforestry so that they are willing to learn about and implement agroforestry technologies in their fields.

My main role will be to assist “my” farmers on acquiring the technical skills they need in order to establish their own tree nurseries and outplant the seedlings produced. My counterpart and I will organize the farmers’ formal trainings, one by one trainings and demonstrations. Since tree planting is a long term activity, I will monitor and evaluate the work conducted by the farmers through field visits and surveys, and complete quarterly reports to that awesome person known as my director.

I am expected to promote fruit trees (particularly mango, citrus and cashews), and grafting techniques because of the cash return they can provide as well as the food provision, particularly during the hungry season, with associated health and nutrition consequences.

As a volunteer I will also be promoting other classical techniques such as composting and mudstove building.


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