After waiting and waiting I am officially off! I have never been to Chicago until today and I have to take a minute to gawk at the beautiful organization and efficiency of that city. I guess that is what happens when you build a city where there are no hills. Although I appreciate Chicago for the magnificent city that it is, I need my green green hills of the Pacific Northwest. Winding, dipping roads are much more adventurous in nature than stark organization.

Onward to the PDX airport. Destination: Africa.

I had a few hours in Chicago to ponder the wonders of the city, although sadly without leaving the airport. After a couple of hours of ground lock due to thunderstorms between Chicago and Washington DC (though, disappointingly not in either one), we were off again! Moving quickly now through the preliminaries to the ultimate goal…Africa!

Landing in DC, I gazed upon the Washington Monument towering in the foreground of the White House. And the Lincoln Memorial standing in poised eloquence. I felt closer to these representations of my nation then I had when, years ago, I had stood in them. Perhaps it is because this time I gaze upon them as one in their service.

Surely, this will be an adventure. Now, if only I could sleep.

Some of the PC-Senegal Aug. ’09 Stage touring DC.

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