I have already wrote about my student teaching experience here in Pattaya, Thailand. Now let me tell you about the city itself. Imagine Las Vegas. Thailand style. The expression goes: This isn’t Thailand, it’s Pattaya. The sex industry capital of Thailand, Pattaya is a huge tourist destination. It is the Southeast Asian equivalent of Amsterdam (so I’m told) and Las Vegas. People come here from all over the world including large populations of Western Europeans, Americans, Australians, Africans, Indians, Russians, Chinese and a variety of people from the Middle East. Some are here to vacation. Warm weather, cheap beer, very accessible island paradises just a ferry ride away. It is nice that way. Some are here to partake in that part of the tourist industry that I would never take part in. And there is somebody for everybody. Lets see if I can get this right… There are Thai and Laos woman for Western men, Russian women for Thai men, African men for Thai women, and a few more that I can’t remember. And you can find all of them on Walking Street.

I have been to many gogo bars in my time here with both women and men. During happy hour you can find good cheap drinks and decent music. I enjoy speaking with the girls or boys who “dance” there. They are usually very nice, have very interesting stories, and love to talk. A lot of the people in their have no sexual intentions. Some of them do. But generally you can learn a lot by speaking with them. It is fun. In a place like this there is no point in judging. People have different motivations. A lot of the girls have family they support, rent they pay, and whatnot. Of the people that partake in the Pattaya night life, many of them are being themselves for once. Hear me out. A lot of them are probably lonely. Sick of putting on a show wherever they came from. I might not agree with the lifestyle of Pattaya, but it is the most honest city I’ve ever been in. People are who they are. They let all of their flaws show, weather it is a sex fetish, a bulbous beer belly they are usually ashamed of, or a broken heart. It is there for all to see. And everybody accepts that. And even though this city is grungy, that in itself can be beautiful…until a short, chubby, homely, balding, old French guy offers you money for sex and says that fat American girls are his type. Then it is time to go home to bed because the night could always get worse. Best not to face anymore of it. Ech! Never in his wildest dreams!

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