Student Teaching At Phoenix International Kindergarten

I did my student teaching for the Language Corps program at an international kindergarten called Phoenix with two to four year olds. The school is a multilingual institution. The students learn Thai and English as well as Chinese and Russian. Students aren’t split up in any particular way. Each class has many different nationalities of students. Some classes are primarily taught in the English language and they learn Thai for about an hour a day. My class was a Thai language class. It wasn’t normal for them to have the class taught in English, but they spoke it well (for 2-4 year olds).

I’ll admit that it was very intimidating at first as the only experience I have with children are my cousins Matt and Kelsey’s two incredible daughters, Mesa and Miley. And that just isn’t preparation as they are wonderful and a little older now (just a little). But after the first day or two it all became more natural. We got into a groove and I began to really enjoy teaching children.



Everyday we sang the ABC song, the shapes song, counted to 10, colored pictures, and created stories which I would draw on the board. They had a few games that they already knew. One of their favorites is Simon Says without the actual “Simon Says” part. To their game repertoire I added Red Light/Green Light. They went nuts! They loved it. For the first ten times we played they didn’t even know it was a race. They didn’t care. We also learned the Hokey Pokey. They loved that too! My contribution over two weeks to my kindergarten class: Red Light/Green Light and the Hokey Pokey. Thanks mom for teaching me those so many years ago.


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