Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

C., my friend and roommate, and I took a two day jaunt to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. We spent a whopping 12 hours there. It was enough time to walk the downtown area. We went to the Vietnam War Crimes Museum, the Cathedral, the Post Office, and the Opera House. We discovered the most amazing invention ever: self-serve frozen yogurt. And, more importantly, we had great Indian/Pakistani food! I ate what was recommended to me by T., one of our new Pakistani friends.
The war crimes portrayed in the war memorial museum we visited were terrible. I am ashamed sometimes of what America has done in the name of patriotism at times. But we all know that the Vietnam War was a terrible and crooked affair. There is no reason to say any more here. I took photos, but I have only added the non-controversal ones to this slideshow. Not because I don’t want to post the sad ones, because I think they should be seen by as many people as possible lest we forget our pasts. But today I don’t want to post sadness.
After an exhilarating day and night, we hopped onto another bus and made our way back to Phnom Penh. Our appetites for the great country of Vietnam as fulfilled as if we were starving and ate one peanut.

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