Untold Asian Stories

I am debating a return to the states. For it to be a periodical, a liminality, or a permanence is yet to be decided and at this point I wouldn’t dare to state for sure as it has been a long time since I have allowed myself to be sure of anything. I spent a whole day in August deciding whether I have place related commitment issues (very probable) or people related commitment issues (not at all possible) only to decide that I honestly just like the unpredictability of my immediate future and would like to keep it unpredictable.

My learning curve is steeper than ever it has been before. Although my tan line curve isn’t. Turns out my skin has super anti-tanning powers! Sunscreen? What on earth is that?! My freckles don’t even make up for the lack of bronze. Well, at least I don’t look as corpse-like anymore.

 I digress: if I return to the states in time for the holidays, here is a list of stories that you all must ask to hear about. I have been very naughty at keeping up with my blog and I have so many good stories that I take for granted in the everyday craziness that is the developing world.
 Here goes…
*Homely French man and a…umm…financial offer.
*Cambodian weddings and the “French” Auntie.
*Nigerian weddings.
*Nigerian independence day.
*Elephant vs. fat girl on bike: the race of a lifetime!
*My students and the big red ants.
*Khmer Karaoke. Theme: love in the Cambodian farmland.
*Thai Karaoke for that matter.
*Monks and oranges and the color orange.
*Chickens and pigs on motos.
*The landlord’s mop of a puppy!
*Learning to drive a moto in Koh Chang… despite the guide books saying NO!!!
*My student’s fat cat and it’s encounter with the construction workers.
*The Mexican Food/Rat incident.
I have so many more. But I have to think about them and remember all that has happened this year! ‘Till next time.

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