Don’t worry, chicken curry !!!

So much to write and so little time. After running around Delhi for a few hours we were dropped of by our taxi driver at C……., near the train station. We ate at a McDonalds which more resembled a KFC. It only served chicken! No no no!!! Don’t eat the holy Hindu beef! After our tummies were full we tromped towards the train station. Where is that pesky train station? “Excuse me, ladies. Where you go? No no, you need to go that way. It is better for you.” Walk walk walk…this doesn’t look right. “Excuse me, ladies. Where you go? Oh, it is back this way. I will show you the road.” Walk walk walk…this is where we started. On we go. On and on and on…shouldn’t we be there by now? We see the tracks. “Excuse me, where is the railway station?” “Go straight turn right.” There is a fence here. “Maybe he meant a little farther. Nope, that is just contruction.” Back back back. “There are other people going around the fence. Come on!” “It doesn’t seem very reasonable that there are metal detectors and bag x-ray machines at our hotel, but to get on a train you have to jump the tracks!”
The Lotus Temple, New Delhi
We climbed down onto the tracks and crossed between parked rail cars onto a platform. Then started wandering around looking for information. Eventually we came to a staircase down onto the Main Station! Turns out there was a real entrance…with security gaurds, and metal detectors, and x-ray machines, and army guys!!! “Oops, we broke into the train station!!!” Later it turned out that the metal detector wasn’t really on and the guards didn’t care. =) Onto the all night train to Varanasi.
Jumping the tracks.
We find our seats and this young Indian guy greets us. “Thes are yours seats? That is my seat. But we are all friends here so we can switch and share and whatever we want. Don’t worry, chicken curry!” And so (days ago) we set of with three Indian guys and a Japanese girl. It was a hell of a train introduction. But it is days later and I am writing this from the Rajastan desert. By this point we are experts!!!
Indian guy w/ his Japanese girlfriend.

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