“Brothers on a Hotel Bed” – Most misleading title ever!

I concluded my Indian narrative by boarding a plane.  It seems reasonable enough unless you read the three sentence cliffhanger paragraph toward the end, which you can find by clicking *here*.  I wrote:

“…I sat near a very interesting person on the plane. I think my life is the better for it. But that is a story for a different time and place (and this isn’t the place).”

There is a good song by Death Cab for Cutie (okay, they have a lot of good songs) called Brothers on a Hotel Bed.  One of the lines describes the state of their relationship as “both a beginning and an end”.  Whilst the context of the song isn’t relevant to my life in general, the line describes how I am using my handy cliff-hanger paragraph above.

So let me re-use it.

On the plane from Delhi to New York, I sat near a very interesting person.  I think my life is the better for it.  But the story hasn’t been written yet.  My pen is hovering over a blank page…  So it is, that the plane to New York was both a beginning and an end.  An end to an amazing period of my life in Asia and a beginning to something else.  Something that may start (or not) in Mexico City.

Perhaps it will start and end there.  A brief visit into the life of another.  But with me as with life in general, you never know what will happen next.

This interesting person I will henceforth refer to as M.I.P.  These are not his initials, but a corny joke about his name.  Sorry, you don’t get to hear it.  I know, I’m cruel.  But he needs to be called something anonymous… so M.I.P. it is.

Because I have been in a referencing mood… do you remember that line from Good Will Hunting?  “I gotta see about a girl.”  Good film.

In five days I will be in Mexico City.  I gotta see about a boy.

With all of that said… this is a travel blog.  So the next few posts under the label “Mexico” are not about my friend, M.I.P.  They are not about my future doing whatever I may end up doing (I’m currently in a quarter-life crisis without a plan).  They are about a trip to Mexico City and all the adventures to be had there.


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