Love & Wine

Sometimes I get crazy ideas in my head and I am like a child on Christmas. I just HAVE to know what is going to happen. My most recent such notion: a vacation to Mexico City.  Now, unlike many of my other exploits, this location had a draw – my new friend, M.I.P. This is the first trip I’ve taken in a long time where I wasn’t in control. The farthest my task went was figuring out which terminal I flew into. M.I.P. took control and it has been an amazing time!

This particular trip took me from Sacramento to Portland where I spent an overnight layover with my dear friends, Angela and Justin. I love Portland. I love the smell. I love the food. I love the rain. I love the streets and the houses. Even when I have no place there it feels like coming home every time.

Upon my arrival, Angela and I went hunting for Lebanese food. Not just any Lebanese food, but that amazing place on Hawthorn by the yarn store. By the time we got there it was, sadly, closed. So we went next door to the Thai place. But alas, it was also closed! So across the street to the Ethiopian place. Also closed!!!  But the downstairs bar wasn’t. So we ate Ethiopian food and had drinks and talked like only soul sisters can.
We then returned to the beautiful home, nestled snuggly in NE Portland where we opened a (large) bottle of red wine and stood talking in the living room with Angela’s husband, Justin.
I need to take a moment to describe Justin. He is an amazing man. Kind. Warm. He looks at my Angela with adoration and love one only finds in somebody completely open to giving their soul to some one else. I browse their mantle pictures and he picks up one of Angela’s face in her wedding veil and softly states, “This is my favorite of her.” I know that love is complicated. Life is complicated. But love like that, no matter if it lasts three months or thirty years, is worth having. Thank-you for loving her that way, Justin.
We tried to sleep off the wine for an hour before leaving the house at four in the morning. This amazing woman and her amazing husband drove me to the airport at an ungodly hour. I love you guys. If I find a job in Portland I’m taking you up on your offer of your spare room!


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