USA Adventures Coming Soon

Coming soon:

Posts about my Spring 2011 road-trip through a few national parks including Bryce Canyon and Red Canyon, Zion National Park, Antelope Canyon (Page, AZ), rafting Glen Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and Mesa Verde.

Also, posts about my summer adventures participating in a Southwest Archaeology Field School at Kipp Ruin in New Mexico and a fantastic camping trip to Chaco Canyon!

And maybe if I get motivated in October or November, posts and photos about past road-trips through Petrified Forest National Park, Yosemite, my first trip to Mesa Verde, and my second trip to the Grand Canyon.

And if I’m REALLY motivated, posts and photos about VERY past road-trips to some great caves in Arizona, my first trip to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas, etc. But this will most likely NOT happen. Sorry.

* * * * *

UPDATE: I am thinking of starting a new series of posts entitled something like “National Parks USA”. They would be mostly picture based posts with a little descriptive writing. What say you?


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