Bryce Canyon National Park

Red-orange spires overwhelm the landscape of Bryce Canyon National Park. The driving road take you so high that the air becomes anemic. Occasionally the road brings you to an open edge of the cliffs where you can follow your feet down into canyons with natural obelisks and views of red-red arches that act as windows into the forever-landscape below.

From the end of the climbing road, a vantage point of 10,000 feet shows a land of canyons and mountains stretching for miles. If there was breath to have at that altitude, the view would have taken it away.

While I do not number the parks in order of preference, this one nears the top of my list.

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The photos in this album were not taken by me due to an unfortunate accident with my camera’s memory card. My mother, who I had the honor of sharing this experience with, lent me her’s. They capture the top of the canyon well! However, I took a two mile jaunt down into one of the canyons and am sorry that I do not have those amazing photos to share.

I will readily admit, I cried when I lost those photos.

You can find more information right here.


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