Antelope Canyon

This tight-sided canyon doesn’t need a good camera or light to be miraculous. It is inspiring in it’s own right, which is why Antelope Canyon is a photographer’s paradise.

The canyon isn’t very long from end to end, but well worth the dusty ride out to it. A native guide will take you through the canyon, give you some geological and historical data, and show you the most popular angles to take photographs. The tour itself is refreshing without modern-invented myths to capture the tourist’s attention or not-so-factual “facts” that have remained on the tour for oohs and ahhs despite being archaeologically debunked.

Antelope Canyon is not a National Park, but is instead a Navajo Park. You cannot visit it on your own accord. You need a guide and for good reason. Tourists who didn’t understand the area have died during rainstorms when flood waters fill the canyon to its very top in a matter of minutes. The danger of the ill-informed and the sad reality of vandalization make a Navajo guide necessary. Don’t get upset about the cost, because the long ride out to the canyon and the wonderful tour make the price worth it. You definitely get what you pay for!

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You can find more information at the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation.


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