Glen Canyon

While you are in the Lake Powell area visiting Antelope Canyon, consider taking a raft trip down the calm waters of the Colorado River System in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area! The amazing canyon starts at the Glen Canyon Dam, which holds back Lake Powell, and arbitrarily ends where the Grand Canyon starts!

The tour stops on some small, sandy banks in the canyon where you can do a little swimming, have a cool drink, and wander along the petroglyph covered canyon walls. These walls tower over your head at dizzying heights.

The river eventually pulls you around Big Ben where, with binoculars, you can see ant-sized people timidly peaking over the edge. The canyon is ridiculously deep, but many are surprised to know that Glen Canyon is only about a fourth as deep at the Grand Canyon. The difference, Glen Canyon’s walls are straight up!

My recommendation: lay on your back to soak up the sun and red cliffs of Glen Canyon.

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You can find more information right here.


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