PC-Senegal Remembered

While I may have ended my PC Senegal experience before it really began, the months I spent in West Africa have sent my life in amazing directions. I have spent the last two years doing things that I never dreamed of doing! And I can’t say that I don’t sometimes regret leaving the Peace Corps. I do. But only for a moment here and there and only until I remember my reasons for leaving. I know I made the right choice. And my regret isn’t really regret. It is nostalgia for things almost had and lost, for friends made and potential friends never realized, and for a family that I will love forever.

Two years have gone and now the PC-Senegal August ’09 Stage is leaving Africa for home. I see those I knew briefly posting on Facebook and on their various blogs their final thoughts of Senegal. Their binge-eating of American foods. Their completed projects. Their farewell photos.

I left that world they lived in and most may not even remember my name or my story. But I remember. And the morning I left we took photos. So many photos! And it is my privilege to have on my camera the FIRST photo of the PC-Senegal August ’09 Stage Trainees before they were sworn in as volunteers.

And so, in remembrance of the little time, too much time, love, hate, health, sickness, and many meetings and partings…

In honor of those that served for one year and to the glory of those that served for two…

Here is the August ’09 State remembered in photos:

PC Senegal August ’09 Stage – Trainees
During staging in DC.
The T.F. Girls and Bamba.
Those who first met in DC.

I just want to say: luck to those who are now returning and will be returning soon. Thank you. And may grace guide you into your next adventures!



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