A New Addition

It is my birthday month and my wonderful mother heard my raves and rants about saving up for a backpacking pack from REI. So instead of seeing how long this poor adventurer would take (it has already been years), she hit the REI Labor Day Sale and made my little mountain-hiker dreams come true!

Behold! The newest addition to my adreneline-junkie and slightly masochistic existence:

The Gregory Deva 60 Pack from REI

Mine is the red and gray one! LOVE!!!

I put pillows in it and wandered around the yard adjusting straps and getting the general feel of it. My mother made fun of me and said practicing with pillows won’t do me any good when I am hiking up a mountain with REAL weight in it.

I stuck my tongue out at her. We all get to be children in our birthday month! Well, usually just on our birthdays. But I’m everywhere this month so my birthday is extended to different locations and even though it isn’t until the 22 of September, I’m celebrating my own existence ALL month! Because I rock. And the world is more interesting with me in it. At least I think so.

That said…

Virgo’s are bad-ass!

And check out my new bag.

I have named her Gregory.


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