A new adventure over the pond.

That man who was my friend in the Morocco posts is now called boyfriend and soon called fiancé (hopefully). Although he is from my hometown, we met again years after high school out in the world. He now lives in England, at least for the rest of this year. And so it is to England I am going, again. From today until July 8th.

We will be doing local UK traveling on the weekends off and on, so keep updated on those posts, starting with Stonehenge!

We will also be planning a trip to Ireland, the CERN lab in Geneva (Switzerland), and possibly London in a few months. Watch out for those posts as well!

There are other upcoming changes. A wedding in July and a yet unplanned honeymoon that may or may not include the following: the Redwoods (CA), Crater Lake (OR), Napa Valley (CA – which will probably not be written about, but maybe), and possibly but not likely a return to Yosemite (CA).

There is also going to be a baby in September! However, as this is a travel blog I will skip most of the details on that. After the munchkin is born I may incorporate him/her into the blog only in so much as they will be yet another character. I will also probably have some posts about how I fare navigating the world with a kid and what gear works best. It can work!

I in no way intend to change much after baby is born. Jon (yes, that is boyfriends’ name) and I still plan on traveling. We deffinitely want to take child to Turkey and other such places once it is old enough to walk and talk and remember. Probably after the age of 4 or 5 years old. Until then, we will leave child with the grandparents for the more adventurous overseas vacations. They will be there for the less crazy places (say Mexico) and the US travel, of course!

I have a dream of backpacking into the mountains, Jon carrying the main pack, and the kid on my back. It is a nice dream.

Until then, enjoy the European posts! Cheers!


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