As an archaeologist staying in England, it is imperative that I, at some point, visit Stonehenge. So I have.

It is unsurprising after all I’ve seen that Stonehenge is unimpressive in terms of mystery and intrigue. It is a dry archaeology site. Trampled and misinterpreted. Overly loved by those who would impose spiritual or ritualistic meaning onto it and overly excavated by those who would know its truths.

While many would cry, “But it is a mystery to behold!” I find that little mystery remains to capture my attention.

I do not mean to imply that archaeologists working on the site over the last many years should cease. There is still knowledge to be dug in the roots of Stonehenge. I, however, have found myself uninterested. If I were to work on such a site, let is be a sibling site where new and intriguing data can be gathered. Mysteries discovered to be solved. Although, in truth, I have little interest in these, either. Not that they are uninteresting as well. It is just that  my interests continue to lay elsewhere on the globe.

For me, the most amazing part of Stonehenge is not the history of it’s creation or the yet-unknown reason for it’s existence. Although, they are fascinating. It is the amount of attention that such a small structure receives. I understand that at such time and space in which it was built, it was not small or simple. But within the world itself, it amazes me that so many go out of their way to travel down the little English back-roads to Stonehenge.

It gives me hope that the curiosity of history is long from lost. That even such a site as Stonehenge can capture the imagination of thousands.

Give me Angkor Wat and Chitzen Itza. But let us also have Stonehenge. For it is a different puzzle and a different dream. One worth having, even if not for me.


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