Bolsover Castle

It is a minor goal of mine, given adequate time, to make my boyfriend pull off the motorway whenever there is an English Heritage sign that indicates a castle. There seem to be castles everywhere in the United Kingdom and I’m determined to set foot on the grounds of every one that I can.

That is how we found ourselves at Bolsover Castle somewhere in-between Stonehenge and North Yorkshire. As far as castles go, this one was a dream! The external grounds had an indoor riding arena and modest time-line display of the castle’s history.

Next to the arena was a large burned-out portion of the outer-buildings that used to hold two large halls for banqueting and dancing and large bedrooms where members of the court could visit. Where the floor had collapsed you could venture down into the large kitchens and look up to the sky, surpassing the broken main floor and completely missing second one.

My archaeologist eyes were making inferences left and right. There was a fire-place, see how the brick is red there from the heat? There were shelves or large wooden beams holding up the floor above here, see the different shapes, angles, and heights of the wholes where they burned or rotted away?

Inside the castle proper there were original paintings on the walls and ceilings, bedrooms, small halls, and various other rooms with uses guessed or known on the brochure. The colors on the walls were excellent, but my favorite part were the fire-places. Every room had a different stylized fire-place and I took pictures of them all!

The last character of note that catches the eye, large red doors. It is fantastic!


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