Fountains Abbey

On this sunny March day, Jon took me on an outing to nearby Fountains Abbey. Surrounded by green fields of grass and bordered on one side by a flowing river it is, hands down, one of England’s finest old abbeys.

To it’s back is a water garden. Wide and shallow landscaped pools and statues with resident swans and ducks sparkle in the sunlight. On top of the hill overlooking the garden and abbey is Ann Boleyn’s seat. A path leads around the grounds for miles.

The abbey itself was long ago abandoned in the name of England’s new Anglican Church, though the sheer wealth of this such abbey is still apparent in it’s light gray stones and towering pillars.

Families lounge on blankets in the grass enjoying snacks and sun. Fountains Abbey isn’t just another ruin to come and snap photos at, it is a park for local Yorkshire people to visit when they so desire.

It is the pride of North Yorkshire.


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