Once more, goodbye.

Once again I find myself at the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one. My five months in the United Kingdom was, sadly, the most dull of all my travels. Not to say that there weren’t great things to see! It seems that every other weekend we were off to new places and they were well worth it. But during the week, while Jon was working, I found myself growing more and more bored. It wasn’t like Cambodia where I had challenging and exciting employment teaching English at a University. It wasn’t like Senegal where I was immersed in learning a new language and culture in the Peace Corps. It definitely wasn’t like the shorter trips to places like Morocco, India, or Mexico with such limited time and so many things to do that “bored” is a word one can never subscribe to them. I admit, I am jaded and that is probably why England was lacking for me.

With a tourist visa I could not hold employment or volunteer. I knew nobody here and had no avenue for meeting them. It rained the whole five months. I cannot say that I am sad to go. I will miss Jon. Oh how I’ll miss him! Though, I will see him again in a week and a half when he comes to Oregon to marry me. But it will be many months before we get to live together as we have here. The sacrifices of being with a military man.

Tomorrow I catch a plane to Portland. City of my heart. I stop in Atlanta, where I have heard negative things about flying into internationally, but I have never experienced it. Can it be as tedious as LAX? Hopefully it leans towards the beautiful efficiency of Newark. Either way, at nearly seven months pregnant I suspect this return flight will be a chore.

There may not be many posts after July for the rest of the year. Apart from a drive to California after the wedding, life will prevent me from traveling. California isn’t really a honeymoon. It is a trip to see my ailing Grandmother. An incredible woman whom I love! I will be spending time with her, not traveling around.

Then I will be in Oregon, too pregnant to travel comfortably or with a brand new baby boy. It will be next year (hopefully) with new adventures. This upcoming travel break could be the longest yet for this blog. But there are small places I can go. Lakes I can visit. It won’t be so grand, but still worthy. Maybe I’ll grace your computers sooner than anticipated.

Until then, my friends. Until then.


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