Crater Lake, Oregon


Our honeymoon took us on a giant loop from the Oregon Coast down through the California Redwoods, to Sacramento and then Yosemite, and up through Klamath Falls and around Crater Lake, Oregon. My husband and I were both born and raised in Oregon and spent half of our adult lives (separately) in Portland and Seattle. Crater Lake was one of those destinations that was so close that we just sort-of skipped it for grander things. Always intending to do it someday. We knew that life would most likely lead us to the East Coast at the beginning of 2013 so we needed to see it before we left.


Crater Lake is beautiful. Sadly, a very pregnant stomach made all but the shortest and most accessible hikes available to me, but I did enjoy the Pinacles. Spires of rocks formed by vents in the volcano’s side. They were awesome! The banks of the crater were lined with dessert flowers and grasses and the mid-summer dust twisted around in cones.

This is a place for camping. For spending a week with the family. For biking and hiking and relaxing. My new husband and I stopped at most of the overlooks, but it was impossible to get an all-inclusive picture of the lake and crater. I have a suspicion that a photo of that scale involves a flying machine. I picked the best ones I had. They are not completely of the lake, the middle one tries, but they include the island, the trees, and the flowers.



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