A Virginia Spring

Spring has come to Northern Virginia and with it are some big changes for my little family. We bought our first house! It is a quaint 1940s Cape Cod with white stucco and a front porch located in the elegantly green Shenandoah Valley. My heart may be forever on the West Coast, but I couldn’t ask for a better place to spend the young childhood summers of my son’s life.

In other big news, baby number two is due in November! It will be our final foray into parenthood whether or not it is the girl I am hoping for. But unlike our toddler boy, who was born with parents living on two continents and brought home to Grandpa and Grandma’s farm for the first five months of life, baby number two gets to come home to it’s own little house and it’s own big yard with both parents in one place. Sadly, we are not near the rest of our family, though. We just can’t seem to have it all.

This year we will try to squeeze in a few grand adventures, but mostly it is already filled with trips to Oregon, family weddings, and pregnancy inconveniences. Last year we managed to camp at North Carolina’s fabulous Outer Banks and take a proper vacation into the Northeastern United States. This year we will have to be content with easy half-day hikes in the Appalachian Mountains and exploring the banks of the Shenandoah River just up the road. Both of which sound pretty great.

I do promise a few posts. We live a stone’s throw from some great caverns and West Virginia’s beautiful Harper’s Ferry. While in Oregon I will be sure to put together a post of one of my favorite childhood places, Wallowa County. 2015 will be the year of local adventures and I will be damned if I can’t get a kayak trip in there somewhere!


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