Cape May, New Jersey

We took our first family vacation, just the four of us without extended family. On a friend’s recommendation, we went to Wildwoods and Cape May, New Jersey. It was still the off season so our hotel was about a quarter the price it will be in a month and there are deals on shopping and activities. We did have to deal with off-season Spring weather. One day it rained so long and hard there was significant street flooding. It got a little dicey in our car trying to find the pancake restaurant. The next day, however, it was high 60s and sunny.

There really is something for everybody. A different friend explained that Wildwoods is a place you go if you have kids and Cape May is a place you go if you don’t. They have decidedly different moods to them, and if I am honest I would have preferred Cape May. But alas, I have two young children and the Wildwoods Boardwalk captured their imaginations.

We did spend the sunnier day (Mother’s Day, as it happens) at Sunset Beach on the opposite side of Cape May. It was beautiful and peaceful after all the energy of the boardwalk. The kids played in the sand, we ate at the little grill, and shopped at the little gift shop which had amazing options at reasonable prices. Being here with the kids at the ages they are was like the beginning of a new stage in family-hood. I loved every moment of this day.

Because it was Mother’s Day, I got free access with the World War II watchtower and the Cape May Lighthouse. It was the best Mother’s Day I have ever had.

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