I fancy myself an ex-wannabe adventurer who, through free spiritedness, a constant craving for adrenaline flow, and a (sometimes crazy) conviction in my spontaneous life-altering decisions, has graduated to a full-blown adventurer.

That is a long way to say that I wanted to experience the world and so I am any way that I can.

I’m anti-armchair anthropology! Sitting through my anthro. courses in college, all I could think about was how much I wanted to experience those cultures as much as an outsider can. So I did what many Pacific-Northwest college graduates do: I joined the Peace Corps.

I packed my REI duffle bags and hopped a plane to Senegal. I studied a little Wolof, Africanized my French, and chilled in a little village outside of Thiès for a few months.

While it would be great to play up my PC existence, I can’t really. Tragedy struck my life and I made a decision to leave whilst I had barely began. But those few moments in Africa acted as a catalyst allowing for the changes needed in my life for me to become the person I wanted to be.

Thus, trying to overcome loss of love and running away from the cold Oregon winter I had returned to from Africa, I found myself in SE Asia teaching English at a university.

I have been country hopping ever since with periodic returns to the United States, because, after all, there are adventures to be had in the country of my birth! I am not so snide as to deny the gloriousness of America. The mountains that demand climbing, the caves that call for a brave soul to enter, and the rivers that wait for kayaks.

When I wrote this little bio, you could have found me in New Mexico recovering from a brief stint of desert SW Archaeology field work. I have since moved on to new adventures. What great adventures they are!


One thought on “Adrenaline-Junkie

  1. Anonymous

    Glorious landscape! I love to travel but had to work from an early age for a variety of reasons so I never got the chance on a large scale.

    However, I save for over a year in order to enjoy just 6 short weeks in New Zealand and 3/4 of Australia. Best thing I ever did for myself.


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