A Virginia Spring

Spring has come to Northern Virginia and with it are some big changes for my little family. We bought our first house! It is a quaint 1940s Cape Cod with white stucco and a front porch located in the elegantly green Shenandoah Valley. My heart may be forever on the West Coast, but I couldn’t ask for a better place to spend the young childhood summers of my son’s life. Continue reading “A Virginia Spring”


Nostalgia and those lonely bits of identity

This autumn past a lonely thought occurred to me. It was a memory and many memories, but no memory in particular. And these vague memories had a lonely theme: they were vastly unshared.

Continue reading “Nostalgia and those lonely bits of identity”

Once more, goodbye.

Once again I find myself at the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one. My five months in the United Kingdom was, sadly, the most dull of all my travels. Not to say that there weren’t great things to see! It seems that every other weekend we were off to new places and they were well worth it. But during the week, while Jon was working, I found myself growing more and more bored. It wasn’t like Cambodia where I had challenging and exciting employment teaching English at a University. It wasn’t like Senegal where I was immersed in learning a new language and culture in the Peace Corps. It definitely wasn’t like the shorter trips to places like Morocco, India, or Mexico with such limited time and so many things to do that “bored” is a word one can never subscribe to them. I admit, I am jaded and that is probably why England was lacking for me. Continue reading “Once more, goodbye.”

My Rucksack

My rucksack isn’t worth much. I think I spent maybe $25 on it before joining up with Peace Corps Senegal. I wanted an adventure bag. Something romantic that I could envision on an African safari. I was, after all, moving to West Africa. I didn’t want anything too big, just a small day pack. But it needed to be big enough to fit a few days worth of clothes, a macbook, a journal, a good book, and some toiletries in. I wanted something specific, of good quality, and cheap. Continue reading “My Rucksack”


I am an adrenaline-junkie in the making.

I started my original blog through Blogspot.com when I joined the Peace Corps in 2009. Over the last few years it has expanded from a PC blog to a travel/adventure blog. And while I have been happy with Blogspot.com as my host, there are a few things that I wish I could do differently and just can’t. So I am in the process of transitioning my blog to WordPress.com in the hopes that it will better fit my style and demands. Continue reading “Transition”