Oh Function!

I have organized my blog much like I organize my books: by general topic. In this case, by location!

It is brilliant, I know!

Continents and sub-continents with sub-categories which are… wait for it… countries. You can find them at the side bar in a drop down menu titled Search by Location.

Another way to browse these categories is to click onto the 18/20 Vision page at the top of the screen. On this page the afore-mentioned categories are represented indicating the region. Click on the photograph and it will take you to the associated blog posts.

This blog contains two Photographic Series focussing on Landscape and Food. These are solely photo gallery posts and contain minimal writing.

If you are looking for specific National Park regions, there is a drop down menu in the side bar titled USA National Parks. This tool is great if you are traveling to a certain region and want to see a little inspiration.

While you are at the side bar, make sure to subscribe to the blog and receive email updates!

Happy browsing!