Food Series: Ireland

Food in Ireland is exactly what I thought it would be. Comforting. Filling. Delicious in the sense of beef and Guinness pies, potatoes, steamed vegetables, fish n’ chips, etc. Perhaps it is because I have a fairly Irish-history oriented family or maybe good-old homestyle cooking in America borrowed heavily from Ireland, I loved the food here! Continue reading “Food Series: Ireland”


Food Series: UK

I have very little to say of British food. The meat pies in Edinburgh were delightful in the sense of comfort food and the coffee was quite excellent. I just had to try Fish and Chips while in York and they did not disappoint. That is my limited experience with the meals of Great Britain. Continue reading “Food Series: UK”

Food Series: Thailand

If I had to rate different cultural food according my tastes, Thai food is second only to Lebanese food! It may seem ridiculous, but I would go back to Thailand just for the food. Actually, I would go anywhere to experience good food! If you have never tried Thai food, I recommend Massaman Curry with Chicken. It is my all time favorite Thai dish. To me, it is Thai comfort food. With that…

Boababs, Pagodas, and the Taj Mahal presents Food Series: Thailand. Continue reading “Food Series: Thailand”