Sledding Down Sand Dunes

White Sands, NM

The dunes at White Sands, New Mexico are speckled with fall colored shrubs. Oranges, reds, and vibrant greens pop out against a snow-white backdrop. One expects to mount a dune and discover the light blue waters of an ocean. Instead one only finds more mounds of white encircled by craggy brown desert mountains.

The land is dry and the sun is hot. The reflected light off the dunes blinds our eyes and our feet pound against the cool sand. It is a good day. Continue reading “Sledding Down Sand Dunes”


White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument is otherworldly. The New Mexico sun beats down on the snow-white sand. Fall-desert colors sprinkle the landscape.

In October the weather is still hot, though not unbearably, but the sand is not hot to touch. We wandered around barefooted through the dunes, making sand-angels and writing messages to those we adored. Continue reading “White Sands National Monument”

Antelope Canyon

This tight-sided canyon doesn’t need a good camera or light to be miraculous. It is inspiring in it’s own right, which is why Antelope Canyon is a photographer’s paradise.

The canyon isn’t very long from end to end, but well worth the dusty ride out to it. A native guide will take you through the canyon, give you some geological and historical data, and show you the most popular angles to take photographs. The tour itself is refreshing without modern-invented myths to capture the tourist’s attention or not-so-factual “facts” that have remained on the tour for oohs and ahhs despite being archaeologically debunked. Continue reading “Antelope Canyon”