Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is beautiful. There really isn’t much else I can say on the matter. We stayed there only briefly. Long enough to enjoy the views, take a picture of a bridge, and play on the beach near a recent boat-wreck that was washing to shore. Nothing I can say will do it justice except to tell you to go. Go now. Go in the fall for the leaves. Go in the summer for the sun. Just go. You will be inspired. Continue reading “Acadia National Park”


Gettysburg National Military Park


In February my husband moved to Virginia for his dream job and a few weeks later I followed by plane with the baby. For our first free weekend we drove the hour or so north to Gettysburg. Much like the Crater Lake post discusses, many people here have never been to Gettysburg despite living so close to it. The land itself, minus it’s history, is rather average for the area: low hills, some trees and nice farm land, a little town that is Gettysburg. But the whole area is dotted with military tributes made of stones and metals. Each dedicated to a unit of our American Civil War.

Canons line the miles long looped auto tour road and houses dot the countryside. People live in this park huge park midst the constant reminders of our nation’s growing pains. Being from Oregon this concept completely baffles me. I was raised within 40 miles or so of the Oregon Trail, but it isn’t active history. We don’t talk about it or take sides over it. It is just there, only not physically in most places. More of a concept. Continue reading “Gettysburg National Military Park”