Wallowa County, Oregon

This should have been the first post on Baobabs, Pagodas, and the Taj Mahal. But much like Crater Lake and the Redwoods, I took my childhood haunt for granted for far too long. My silence on the matter has never been for lack of love. When I feel homesickness, it is often for Wallowa County. For riding bikes and dipping my feet in the lake’s frigid waters. So deep is my connection to this land that I did not realize that I never created a post about it until a few months ago. So when my son and I visited my family in Oregon this summer I made a point to take pictures of my favorite place: Wallowa County, Oregon. Continue reading “Wallowa County, Oregon”


Crater Lake, Oregon


Our honeymoon took us on a giant loop from the Oregon Coast down through the California Redwoods, to Sacramento and then Yosemite, and up through Klamath Falls and around Crater Lake, Oregon. My husband and I were both born and raised in Oregon and spent half of our adult lives (separately) in Portland and Seattle. Crater Lake was one of those destinations that was so close that we just sort-of skipped it for grander things. Always intending to do it someday. We knew that life would most likely lead us to the East Coast at the beginning of 2013 so we needed to see it before we left. Continue reading “Crater Lake, Oregon”

Redwoods National Park


For our honeymoon, my husband and I drove south along Pacific Coast Highway 101 from Manzanita, Oregon, where we were married, to Sacramento, California. On our way we drove through the various Redwoods national and state parks. Sadly, our hiking was limited due to time and my third-trimester-sized stomach. Had we been able, we would have camped out.

Continue reading “Redwoods National Park”

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Those of us from Oregon and Washington know of the many charms of the Columbia River Gorge. From wind-surfing to hiking, this area is a paradise only a few miles out of Portland proper.

Driving down the old, twisted Historic Highway, one finds themselves in the midsts of moss-covored trees and waterfalls. Trails lead back into the steep, forest-covered hills. The air smells fresh and damp with subtle hints of rotting wood and moss. Continue reading “Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area”