The Point

This is a travel blog. I am a much better writer than this blog indicates, but it tends to be more amateur journalistic than proper. I make no apologies.

It also contains some philosophy straight out of my brain, a little of my dabblings in amateur photography (I swear they are beautiful because of the places I’ve been, not my skill), quirky stories of the situations I tend to get myself into (and out of again), and some more specific information that a few people might be interested in (ie, Peace Corps – Senegal, LanguageCorps – SE Asia, some India train travel tips, etc.).

Some History:

I originally started my blog at when I joined the United States Peace Corps in Senegal (West Africa). It was meant as mass update for family and friends. Only, I didn’t really know how to use a blog and electricity was lacking my little village. Perhaps I will add more posts from memory, we shall see.

After I left the PC, I moved to Cambodia to teach English. I expanded my site. This time with much better success. Even so, I neglected it. I have learned that when you live in a place, you take it for granted. But again, I periodically add stories from memory.

Then I hopped over to India and haven’t stopped location/adventure hopping since. This is when it evolved into a full-blown travel blog!

Over the years it has slowed down a bit. I got hitched and had two ankle biters, which is a totally new type of adventure. Now we travel more domestically and not nearly as often. We do still have the travel bug, though, and I still update this blog when we do. Check out the Outer Banks post and New England if you don’t believe me! We also have plans to take larger, international trips every couple of years (hello Iceland? pretty please!).

South America isn’t included not because I snub it, but because I just haven’t been there yet!!! The same applies for Central America, anything around Australia, etc. And I am ashamed to say that I have never been to Canada. I will remedy that as soon as I can.